Solid Roof

The solid roof marketplace has developed rapidly over the past few years, and you now have a selection of high quality and accredited products to choose from. Depending on whether you are looking to replace or construct a new glazed extension, we are sure we will have the correct solution for you.

If you are looking to replace just the roof of your existing structure, then there are a number of checks that we will carry to ensure it is suitable for the project.

We offer two distinct solid roof options from Ultraframe the LivinROOF with its very modern industrial panel concept design and the UltraRoof 380 with its distinct traditional slate effect, both are incredible warm in winter and cool in summer, the only tough decision you’ll have to make is which one you prefer the most.

Solid Roof

The main advantage of opting for a glazed structure with a solid roof is that you are entering the realm of the traditional extension, but with advanced thermal efficiency, quick installation times and products that meet LABC approval to reduce planning/building regulation delays.

We’re happy to offer a no-obligation consultation to all potential purchasers. We’ll try not to overwhelm you with technical information, but there is a lot to talk about. This is why we ask to meet with you on site to assess the suitability and feasibility of the project.

If you are about to invest your money in replacement windows, you like what you see then contact us now for a chat or free home visit on 01752 841008 or if you’d prefer go to our Instant Quote service, where you can obtain an estimated cost for your replacement windows. Follow the link, enter your name, address and contact details, you’ll receive a free quote. Your personal information will not be shared.

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Contact us for a free quotation on 01752 841008 or 01823 765767 and let us make your dream become a reality.


Livinroof LivinROOF was the first roofing system designed to give you the flexibility to combine solid and glazed roofing seamlessly. It helps you extend your living space and enhance thermal performance

Ultraroof 380

Ultra Roof 380 UltraRoof 380’s lightweight tiled roofing system gives you the most advanced replacement roof available on the market today. UltraRoof 380 overcomes the twin issues of your conservatory being too hot in summer

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Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate that you may have a lot of questions regarding our products, which we’ve aimed to cover below. If there are any other queries you have, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the benefit of adding a solid roof to my conservatory design?2018-09-17T14:03:14+00:00

– Extended use of the conservatory/extension throughout the year

– More in-keeping with your existing property style

– Combine solid and glazed sections with LivinROOF, or opt for a tiled finish with Ultraroof450 or the Garden Room Roof

– Increased thermal efficiency thus saving money on energy bills

– Fast installation and construction compared to a traditional extension

– Lower build costs compared to that of a traditional extension

– Aesthetics of a contemporary glazed extension as opposed to a traditional conservatory

– Add value to your home

– Superior soundproofing

Can a solid roof be retro-fitted to my existing conservatory?2018-09-17T14:02:42+00:00

Subject to suitability and structural checks that we will assess, our Solid Roof options can be retro-fitted to your existing conservatory. This helps to increase the thermal efficiency and usability of the room, without having to invest in a completely new conservatory.

Why would I opt for a solid roof conservatory as opposed to a traditional extension?2018-09-17T14:02:16+00:00

With overall build costs significantly reduced, along with a much faster installation time, it makes sense to invest in a Solid Roof conservatory. It will also outperform an extension in terms of thermal efficiency.

What are the differences between your solid roof product range?2018-09-17T14:01:48+00:00

LivinROOF is predominantly aimed at the retro-fit marketplace, although it is available on new build conservatories as well. It combines solid Urban Grey panel with uniquely placed glazed sections, offering a bespoke and contemporary finish.

Ultraroof450 is usually chosen on new build projects, although depending the structural integrity of your existing conservatory, it can sometimes be retro-fitted. Ultraroof450 is a solid, tiled roofing option, with a range of finishes and Velux windows available if desired.

Both LivinROOF and Ultraroof450 can be combined with the Loggia system.

The Garden Room Roof is also a tiled roofing option but can also be extended with a canopy into the garden, and can have hardwood beams incorporated into the design.


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