Thank you for your time !

I would personally like to thank the man who emailed our designer Ian last week after he had made a home call.

“Thank you for your time, we really appreciate you coming around, but due to finance have decided to use our money elsewhere. We’ll hopefully come back to you next year.”

This email came as a pleasant surprise, it got us thinking why can’t more people be like this? What stops people coming back after a quote to say, thanks but no thanks? It really doesn’t take much to say these simple words, does it? Yet, day after day, week after week, year in year out people would rather hide away from us than tell the truth, strange, isn’t it? After all we don’t bite, all we have done is tried to help them gain a product and service, yet after we have visited they become strangely distant, they stop answering their phone, are seemingly unable to reply to an email or text, they have mysteriously fallen off the planet, so it seems.

I would like you to get an idea of what it is like from our point of view, are you sitting comfortably? If so, let me begin.

Imagine you want a conservatory, or an Orangery, you want to get a couple of firms around to show you what is currently available, you have spoken with friends and family for advice, done some online research and picked out the ones you like, call and get them around.

One company comes highly recommended, they are accredited, have their own installers and a show site for you to come and look around, you give them a call, you have pleasant chat with a local person who asks intelligent questions before booking in an appointment with a designer. Your initial call is followed up with a confirmation email, and attached is a PDF of products for you to peruse at your leisure.

On the day of the appointment the designer comes around, listens to your requirements, is up front about prices and budgets, answering all the questions and any concerns regarding the purchase, you do not feel under pressure, you are relaxed, even quite hopeful that this could be the company you are looking to deal with. The designer tells you that he will do you a detailed quote, and even send you the drawings of the design, all to help you come to a logical buying decision in the next day or two. When the designer leaves, you’re let feeling quite upbeat, slightly optimistic in fact, could this be the one you have been looking for, after all you love the design, the company looks great, it ticks all your boxes, and you got on really well with the designer, you are mildly, strike that, no, you are now, very optimistic this is the company for you.

A couple of days goes past, you’ve heard nothing, you then start thinking, I hope everything is okay, shall I chase up the quote, no, no, best leave it, I am sure it will come soon enough.

Then a week goes by and nothing, you think I will just give them a call, maybe they have sent it to the wrong house, or email address is wrong, is it in my SPAM folder? So, you decide to send an email asking if everything is okay and you hope to get the quote soon, two days pass by and still nothing, maybe the company email is broken, you know what, its best if I call them again, so you do, it rings and goes to answer phone, you leave a nice message, youre following up your appointment and just wondering where the quote is that was promised by the designer?

More time passes by, you don’t understand, you got on really well with the designer, he seemed so genuine, friendly, honest and nice, what on earth could have gone wrong? You decide to ring one last time, still no answer, by this time you are annoyed enough to get angry with them and move onto the second-best firm.

By not getting what you wanted will leave a nasty taste in your mouth, you might even catch yourself saying “If they didn’t my business, then maybe they should have just told me instead of wasting my time, how totally rude of them and cowardly not get back in contact”.

This is what it is like for us, boot on the other foot, all I can ask is please take a note out of the top letter that we received from a client not buying, just be honest, let us know, we are grownups and can take it, we will not fall out with you as we respect your ultimate decision, truth conquers all.

 Thank you for reading.