1. December 2019

    We wanted Roc door like our daughter, she had brought hers from Realistic and it was perfect. We liked the security it offered, being made of metal inside. We had the door fitted by a wonderful young man, who halfway through the procedure found a defect on the door. Which meant we could not keep that door. A new door was ordered to replace this one, no problem. The new one arrived, and a different fitter came to install the new door. The door looks lovely and people walking past have commented how nice it looks. But just lately it has started to catch on the bottom, and we are having to have someone to come out and have a look at it. Hopefully it will be all sorted shortly. But besides that, the door is fantastic, and we have had good service throughout our involvement with Realistic. I have told many people where the door has come from, I have no problem recommending Realistic in the further.

    Mrs B June 26, 2020