1. March 2022

    I decided to contact Realistic as they were listed as a Which recommended supplier. I'm in North Devon and they are in the South which was one of my reservations. I met with Ryan during the Covid pandemic to discuss the installation of a conservatory/orangery. I was impressed by the meeting and Ryan was extremely thorough, clearly an expert in his field and went through many options both in terms of the build and materials. Some time after the meeting I made some changes to my requirements and Ryan insisted on coming back to make sure that he understood what I was wanting I felt confident in the ability of Realistic to deliver what I was looking for and at a better price than local competitors without compromising on quality. Work started just a little later than was originally scheduled which wasn't an issue; parts were taking longer to come through the supply chain and Realistic kept me informed. The build team were highly competent, professional, polite and friendly. They dug out the site ready for the installation and it took quite a while before work on the build commenced. There were challenges along the way with the supplier not providing the right parts for the roof which incurred a further short delay. My build included the digging out of a new soak away through solid clay/stone/soil in scorching hot temperatures and still the team remained cheerful. The electrical installation team were also absolutely on point as were the plasterers. It was nice to have a Realistic project manager (Tony) who was really helpful throughout. Once the build was complete Ryan came back for a visit to see the installation and to gather my feedback. Yes, there were some delays during the build, but we were living in the height of the pandemic and supplies were taking longer than normal so this was not an issue. A year on, I raised a query via the Admin email box who responded immediately and have taken steps to resolve my query to my satisfaction. From a customer point of view, the fact that I was located on one coast of Devon and Realistic are on the other had no impact on me but it did mean that the teams involved were travelling and working long hours. All in all I would recommend Realistic

    Helen Foss March 24, 2022
    • Realistic Home Improvements Comment

      Thank you Helen for your honest review, we appreciate the time it has taken to write. We all hope that you continue to enjoy your Ultrasky Orangery and you know where we are if you need any assistance.

  2. Dec 2020

    Having completed my due diligence in obtaining 3 quotation I placed my order with Realistic, they were not the cheapest, in fact, if I remember correctly they were the most expensive but I felt their overall quality to be better, I liked Ryan’s straight forward approach, and the computer images really helped us see what the room could look like. Initially, I was looking to replace the polycarbonate roof only, but I am so pleased we replaced the lot, as we love it. The new room is in a different league to then original, with the glass roof proving to be much cooler over the summer period. Paul the installer was fantastic, I cannot speak highly enough of him as well as Dan the electrician. I can’t give 5* as there has been some remedial works that have had to take place after the installation, but then again they do come back to put things right.

    Mr W December 04, 2020
  3. March 2020

    We had researched what type of roof we wanted and Realistic came and priced it. Their quote was good. The fitters were great, it took 3 guys to lift the beams down the sides of the conservatory. Its very well made. We have a triangle window on the end of the conservatory and this was originally made at the wrong angle so we had to wait 2 weeks for another one to be made, that was annoying but when it was put in and the roof on we were able to move on. People comment on how well made this product is and how warm it is. We now use this space as a dinning room and it is great sitting out there at night with the LED’s on relaxing.

    Mr & Mrs H June 24, 2020
  4. February 2020

    We brought from Realistic as we were impressed with the salesman, no hard sell. He knew what he was talking about. Also, Realistic arranged for us to visit another customer of theirs who had the same sort of roof we were looking at. That really did sell it to us. It was great to see what it would look all finished. We had the back wall plastered to match the roof which made the whole room look complete. We also had all the LED’s put-on dimmers plus wireless speakers in the roof. We are so pleased we have had it done now, it did take a bit longer than we expected, but the weather was awful at the time. The fitters worked hard all the time they were here, they were polite and respectful, a joy to have around. We have already recommended Realistic to friends and will continue to do so.

    Mr R June 24, 2020
  5. February 2020

    I found Realistic on the website, then looked at their website and had someone come out to give us a quote. We only wanted a roof at the beginning, but it was not much more to have new windows frames as well, so we did, and we are so pleased that we did as it all looks lovely and new. We went over to the showroom to have a look at how it would look when finished, that was good to get a picture of what we would be having. We did have to wait a bit due to the bad weather and they were running behind. Which couldn’t be helped, once it was started it didn’t take long to put up at all. The fitter worked really hard from as soon as they got here. It I had to find fault it would be that they left small bits on the grass after there clear up, which we found later. The new conservatory is so much quieter than before, I can’t even hear when it is raining, and it is warmer as well. We love to sit in there and watch the grandchildren playing in the garden.

    Mr & Mrs D June 24, 2020
  6. January 2020

    Both the builders and the installers are a credit to the company, they work hard and do good work. The builders were building the base on the hottest day of the year but they didn’t stop. Our neighbours who have seen it have said they have a bit of conservatory envy. We love the look of the room, it stands out and I often catch myself looking at it when I come back from walking the dog. We also had a door which we love, the colour especially, Paul and Kayden again did an excellent job especially scribing in the trim. Only real suggestion is we could have been better with communicating at times. More than happy to recommend Realistic 4/5. Very happy with the end result, as it’s excellent quality

    Mr & Mrs B June 24, 2020
  7. December 2019

    We wanted a tiled roof with a certain pitch and Realistic said they could do it and yes, they did. The whole room is over 9 meters long at the back of the house. Realistic were very accommodating during the build as we had to go away for a couple weeks right in the middle of the build, so everything was left securely and resumed the moment we got back. Everything we asked them to do, like put boards up over doors, clear the rubbish every day, look out for the cat was adhered to. The room was finished to a high standard, there was few bits I asked them to come and finish off which they did no problem at all. It is most used room in the house, everybody loves sitting out in it.

    Mr & Mrs S June 24, 2020
  8. December 2019

    We were very impressed with the initial consultation, the computer programme showed us what the new room would look like, and we could add glass in the roof where we wanted. We are pleased that we opted for the larger panes of glass as it now provides us a better view of the garden in particularly, the bird table. The new room is usable all year round, which it wasn’t before. The finish product is to a high-quality professional standard, it’s very modern in comparison to the old one. The project wasn’t completely smooth sailing, there were issues along the way, but they have always come back and sorted them out. A couple of people have been around to look at the finished job, we are very happy to recommend.

    Mr & Mrs Whiter June 26, 2020
  9. December 2019

    I know that we made the right decision as the room is just like we saw in the brochures, it’s exactly what we wanted. This is a proper room and doesn’t suffer with the problems that the old conservatory did, it no longer gets too hot or too cold and it’s much quieter especially in the rain. When it has been cold outside the new radiant heaters have kicked into effect and taken the chill off the room. The fitters were great with an exceptional eye for detail. My only minor complaint would be I would have preferred more communication and to have been told officially when the work was complete.

    Mr & Mrs M June 26, 2020
  10. November 2019

    We adore our new space it makes the house brighter and lighter. We sit in it all the time. The guys that came to install it were fantastic and very professional. The product is well made, and we love the colour. The room is used more than any other in the house. Our only gripe was the office communication. Not quite good enough. They did not keep us in the picture as much as we would have liked. Hence 4 stars.

    June 26, 2020