Roof lanterns can be the perfect addition to a flat roof extension or orangery.

Flood an otherwise gloomy room with natural light, creating a space that feels bright, open and airy. A roof lantern will also allow light to pour into any adjoining rooms, enhancing the appearance and feel throughout your home. The costs associated with adding a roof lantern can be quite modest in comparison to other types of extension investments but brings many benefits.

Add a lantern to an existing flat roof extension

An existing flat roof that doesn’t feature any glazing at all is a prime candidate for a roof lantern. This cost-effective home improvement can add value to your home, and drastically improve the aesthetics too.

Incorporating a roof lantern into your new flat roof extension

A brand-new extension with a flat roof can become an incredibly versatile room. Suitable for use as a new kitchen, living or dining area, you could strategically incorporate several roof lanterns to take advantage of the natural light.


Include a roof lantern in your new orangery design

If you’re considering an orangery installation, then you may also wish to consider enhancing the design with a roof lantern or two. The Ultrasky Lantern is the ultimate solution and works seamlessly with the rest of the Ultraframe range.

The Ultrasky Lantern is light and minimalistic. The lanterns come in a wide range of colours, and a choice of PVC or aluminium. Tested for their water resistance in winds of up to 130mph, these lanterns are incredibly strong, and come with 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

We’d always encourage our customers to improve, rather than move. So, if a roof lantern takes your fancy, let us know. We’d be happy to organise a completely no-obligation consultation to discuss the available options.