An extension like you is living and breathing and not perfect.

I would like to make it clear that when you purchase a conservatory, orangery or glazed extension it is built to tolerances, it’s not ever going to be perfect. You could spend £5 million on a mansion, employ the best contractors but if you look closely enough you will find fault.

Very occasionally when we have finished our builds and sometimes during a build we have customers bring up imperfections, and it can be difficult for them to understand that they’re perfectly acceptable as they fall within best build practice.

Most people understand that when you construct a new building from sand, cement, bricks, block, using nothing more than a base plan, string lines and human beings, that a building will have its own idiosyncrasies.

It’s totally normal for a base to vary slightly, add to this that the frames under BSI themselves have a 4mm tolerance each and the roofing system is built to take tolerance to the base, frames and the existing house wall, its no wonder that when you look ever so closely that you will be able to detect imperfections.

As mentioned we do from time to time have individuals who are more concerned with the imperfections than all the complete work itself, and this for us is saddening.

It’s our aim is to provide you with your dream room and if you’re not happy at the end and we believe that we have completed a good finish then the question must arise, why has this happened and how do we minimise the risk of it happening again? The best way that we have found is to blog about issues that other people have had, and that way inform you of what to expect.

Over the course of a build, you may have contact with a building inspector, structural engineer, architect, groundworker, bricklayer, carpenter, plasterer, conservatory installer, electrician and plumber. You may just have a builder and installer, but I can assure you all are working with us, for you, to deliver a first-class finish.

We always aim to work to a high-quality standard, employ qualified professionals who are expecting to work to the same high standard, it’s that simple.

If you are perfectionist, if the room isn’t perfect in every way that you deem to be correct, regardless of common building practise, then I would graciously ask you to look elsewhere, there is nothing of interest here for you, we are not the firm for you.

If you can understand that a bespoke build, built on-site may run into snags, it will be built to a quality service, it will have slight quirks and it will never be perfect, then we might be an ideal match for each other.