When it’s time to replace your original sash windows, what options are available to you? You may think that the only way to maintain your home’s traditional appearance is with timber replacements. Perhaps you’ve heard that modern PVCu sash windows can authentically replicate the traditional style but you’re still unsure about their legitimacy. 

If, you’re a homeowner looking to replace your original sash windows you have probably wondered whether PVCu sash windows are a suitable replacement for original timber sash windows. You might be pleasantly surprised to hear that the answer is most definitely yes. PVCu sash windows are the perfect choice for a timber sash window replacement for homeowners in Devon and Cornwall.

Benefits of partnering for your sash window project with us.

When you choose PVCu sash windows from Realistic, you unlock a wealth of benefits including access to fantastic products manufacturers – Halo, Veka, Roseview, and Victorian Sliders offering

A suite of realistic timber-effect uPVC sash windows

Low maintenance and durable exterior finish

An extensive range of authentic hardware and furniture

Likelihood of conservation area approval (Ultimate and Heritage Rose windows)

Technical advice and installation guidance

Fully customisable windows


We want to offer our customers all the benefits of a low maintenance and high performing window with the attractive appearance of its timber counterpart.

The importance of authenticity 

Traditional properties are much sought after. They are popular because of their unique aesthetic and individual character. We regularly work on traditional properties and understand the importance of maintaining their heritage aesthetic. Sometimes, however, you may feel that a compromise is needed between modern performance and traditional aesthetics, but no compromise is necessary. 

Authenticity is an integral part of an older building and at Realistic we have PVCu sash windows that are almost indistinguishable from real wood. If you’d like more information about our PVCu sash windows, contact us today. Call us today on 01752 841008 or send us a message online.