Casement windows suit most property types which makes them the most popular window choice for homeowners across the UK. Our A+ energy rated PVCu casement windows make you home more secure, reduce environmental noise and give your home a snug fleeing in the colder months. Double glazed PVCu casement windows from Realistic are A+ energy efficiency as standard. A+ rated casement windows can save you money on your winter energy bills. Realistic casement windows have a typical U-Value of 1.3 W/m²K, are super thermally efficient and come with a product warranty.

Styles for your home with frame and opening options

Our double-glazed windows are so popular due to the simple, versatile, and user-friendly design options which are seemingly limitless.

Realistic casement windows are available with either a Chamfered or fully Sculptured UPVc profile, depending on whether you live in a modern home or a period property you can determine the style that suits you best.

Traditional casement windows come with either top or side opening casement vent openings. Top openings are excellent as you can leave a vent opened slightly even if it is raining. Side vents enable maximum air flow, as well as providing a fire escape with the use of a specially developed hinge. Other side vent hinges have been designed for easy of cleaning and to maximise child safety to prevent falls from height.

Consultation and quoting

Always remember it is important to see what the marketplace has to offer; our advice is to get 3 quotations before purchasing any major investment. Compare quality, price, fitting status as well as how long the company has been trading, if you do this you can make an informed decision. The lowest prices seldom provides the best results, especially as replacing Casement Windows is a long-term investment into your home.

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