Conservatory Style Guide 

So, you're thinking about having a brand new conservatory installed. You might have heard of the different styles of conservatory available, but perhaps you're not sure where to start.

Today on the blog, we're going to tackle the definitions behind each of the key styles of conservatory including Edwardian, Gable End, Lean-to, Victorian, P-Shaped, and Veranda.


An Edwardian conservatory is very traditional, and will have either a square or rectangular layout. It can also be known as a Georgian conservatory. The high-vaulted roof enables additional light to stream into the room, creating a sense of space and openness. The slightly more heritage style of an Edwardian conservatory can be a great choice if your home is of a period design, and you need to apply for planning permission.

Gable End

A Gable End conservatory is similar to an Edwardian, with a square floor plan, but the key difference is the style of roof. Rather than sloping back to the centre, a Gable End has a more dramatic front elevation. You can choose from either glass or polycarbonate as glazing options, and perhaps consider the addition of brickwork to tie the conservatory into the style of your existing property.


Moving away from the more traditional styles is the Lean-to. Think modern and contemporary, with a flat angled roof. This simple style can sometimes be referred to as a sunroom, and allows the rain to run off the roof.


Victorian conservatories are an extremely popular choice for lots of our customers. With its distinctive bayfront, and steeply pitched roof, this style of conservatory can be a great and versatile option.


A P-Shaped conservatory cleverly combines the Victorian and Lean-To styles, to form a spacious and impressive new addition to your home. The design of this extension provides you with a significantly sized living space, often a popular choice for dining/lounge areas.


Do you enjoy outdoor living? Would you like a seamless link between your home and your garden? A veranda could be a fantastic option if so, especially when combined with a set of bi-fold doors to really open up the space.

No matter which style you choose to opt for in the end, every single conservatory from Realistic comes with:

1. A no-obligation and transparent consultation and quote

2. Installation from an Ultraframe Approved Installer, with full project management if required

3. Installation engineers with significant experience of the industry

4. A full ten-year guarantee

5. Extensive options for personalisation, and finishes to suit your exact preferences

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