The last year has been new for us, lots of changes, many of them that have been forced onto us, some still to come, its been a tough ride for us all, but all in all the changes needed to be made, as in the long run it means we are going to be able to provide a better service to new and old clients alike.

Over the last year we had our best sales year but by far our worst year in providing the service that we have become known for, we have still done a lot of good work, but we could have done better. To the clients that were affected by delays or for the times we did not meet your expectations, I sincerely apologise.

I have felt like a bit of a failure at times as it’s been tough at times not being able to deliver our products and services on time. It’s especially hard on all of us in the company having to hear people complain, with good reason, but if we were perfect it wouldn’t give us the opportunity to improve, and scar to remember.

Things go wrong for a reason, but if you are willing to look at the reasons, rectify them and put new measures in place, then it’s a good thing, not bad a one.

We’ve had a change of systems and personal this year, having identified the key to being able to serve you well, is with the individuals that work for us, enjoying their jobs, as well as having greater clarity with cliental procedures and what is entailed with an ongoing build.

2018 has been an exciting year, we have welcomed in Jacob Taylor (single) into the office, who is doing a good job of learning the order process and running an installation board, he will be the first to admit he has made a few mistakes, but he has a willingness to eliminate errors as he doesn’t like letting customers down. We have much faith that with more time, Jacob will get his head around this challenging role.

We are grateful to have surveyor/installer Chris Simmons join our team, Chris has much to teach all of us with his building and product knowledge but especially his enthusiastic can-do attitude, nothing is a problem, both he and Cameron Simmons have been role models to look up to. I would like to personally thank Chris for helping Jacob in his new role, you have taught him much and your installation knowledge is a real benefit to me, and in turn, our clients. 

In April 2018 we opened the Blackdown Garden Centre Conservatory site in Wellington, Somerset. I would like to thank Nigel for the good work he has put in to manning the showroom and advising clients so far. We also welcome Maggie and Charlotte to the team who have enabled us to open the showroom 7 days, pop in and say hello if you’re in the area.