When you embark on a brand new home improvements project, it can be common to feel rather anxious about the sizeable investment you are about to make. Let’s be honest, for the majority of us, parting with tens of thousands of pounds of your hard-earned money isn’t an everyday occurrence. Furthermore, the project directly impacts what is often your most prized possession; your home.

If planned and executed correctly, this new room should become a valuable part of your property, and a wonderful space to create great memories. For example, if you decide to extend your home because you are after a new dining room, you’re not just looking for a place to house a table and a few chairs. You’re actually seeking a space where you can experience togetherness, and perhaps you’ll even be able to host Christmas next year for the family.

The purpose of our initial consultation is to establish your exact requirements, and for us to start mapping out a design that will work perfectly for you. We aren’t there just to sell to you, and we’ll never commit to a project that falls outside of our area of expertise.

We completely appreciate that it can be difficult to express all of your hopes, dreams and desires for the new space, along with your fears, with a relative stranger. However, if you can try to be as honest and transparent as possible during this first meeting, it means we can reach a better solution for everyone.

It can be useful if you come to the appointment prepared with the following:

  1. The purpose of your new room – what exactly are you trying to achieve? What would be your ideal outcome?
  2. An idea of what you might like it to look like – what styles or colours appeal to you? If you can show us some examples, even better.
  3. A realistic timeframe in mind – when would you like the installation to be completed by, and why?
  4. An idea of your budget – how much are you looking to invest in the project? You’ll need to take into consideration the initial build, and subsequent costs such as lighting, electrics, interior décor, furniture and accessories.

Our aim is for you to come away feeling like you have been listened to, understood, and have been provided with unbiased and expert advice. After all, we’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years. The consultation is designed to be a two-way conversation, so please ask as many questions as you need to feel reassured that you are making the right choice.

Before our appointment, please feel free to browse our website for information. You can also check our recent Projects for inspiration.