So, you are currently thinking about putting a Conservatory on your home, and as you have arrived on this site you have been busy surfing to try and find someone who is providing you with genuine costings, well the good news is that you have arrived at the right site to be able to give you the real cost of your home improvement requirements.

We have been providing quality conservatories since 2009, we have no hidden agenda other than we don’t want to waste yours or our time, it’s simpler to provide you with costs upfront, that way we both know where we are to start.

A conservatory will approximately cost you around £1300-£1500 per m2

6 metres x 5 metres – 30m² = £39,000 - £45,000

5 metres x 5 metres – 25m² = £32,500 - £37,500

5 metres x 4 metres – 20m² = £26,000 - £30,000

4 metres x 4 metres – 16m² = £20,800 - £24,000

4 metres x 3 metres – 12m² = £15,600 - £18,000

The above costs are based on Edwardian, Victorian, Lean to, Gable front, all of which include a constructed base, heavy duty constructed frames with thermally efficient glazing, solar rejection glass roof, and installation by qualified engineers. Prices will vary depending on the types of glazing, frame colour, opening configurations and base construction.

If you would like to have a clearer understanding on the specification of the products and our services you can find it here.

If you wish to discuss your options in more detail contact me direct, we can have a chat to see how I can assist you, either with brochures, a showroom visit or a site meeting with a view to progress the project.