When you start to consider extending your home with a new living space, or improving one you already have, the possibilities really are endless.

In this blog post, we've collated some of our favourite extension ideas into one place to inspire you.

Growing in size

We often advise customers to improve, rather than move. However, this can be difficult when you need an additional bedroom in your property. Perhaps your family is growing, or you have a more regular requirement for a guest bedroom. Extensions may not always be synonymous with adding an extra bedroom but in the example shown above, the two can go hand in hand to provide an innovative solution.

Bringing the outdoors in

We love this example, where your extension seamlessly spills into the outdoors. Opting for a huge set of bi-folding doors give you complete flexibility in how you use the room, depending on the time of year. In the winter, curl up under a blanket, completely protected from the elements, but in the summer, allow the light and fresh air to flood into your extension. You could even enjoy a spot of al-fresco dining. 

What's cooking?

In this beautiful example, this room has been purpose-built to accommodate a brand new kitchen. The striking interior design combined with the Ultrasky Flat Skylight gel together wonderfully, creating an airy and open environment to enjoy your culinary delights.

Multi-functional open plan living

Being able to host social events with friends and family can often feel uncomfortable and cramped. It's just that little bit too small in your home when the whole extended family turn up. A sizable new extension could provide your home with the ideal environment for gatherings with your nearest and dearest. As shown below, if you have enough space to play with, it's possible to achieve an open plan and multi-purpose space, with different zones to relax within.

Merging heritage and innovation

If you have a property that is full of character and charm, the thought of adding an unsightly modern extension that jars with its heritage can be quite off-putting. Furthermore, you may have restrictions in place on your home that mean you need to adhere to the current aesthetics of the building. But fear not, we are able to work our magic, and install an extension that perfectly complements your property.

Hopefully this has given you a little bit of inspiration, and food-for-thought on what your new extension could achieve for your home. If you'd like to discuss the options, and to get a feel for pricing and scope of works, then we'd be happy to provide with you a completely free no-obligation consultation. Simply contact us to arrange a suitable time to visit.