The Ultraroof lean-to conservatory by Ultraframe is a favourite among homeowners across Devon and Cornwall, with many opting for this simple classic design amongst the other options.

These homeowners have chosen to install a classic lean-to conservatory, incorporating bi-fold doors under a stunning slated tiled/glazed roof combination
To install this, they found their nearest installer, and got to work discussing the their preferred needs and wants for the room.

The family had always wanted to extend their kitchen to make more usable space for their dining room. Their dream became a reality when transforming this lean-to conservatory, complete with bi-fold doors and Ultraroof.

(Computer aided images created to show how the new room would look). 

They have been able to concentrate the surrounding natural light into specific areas of their kitchen, whilst making sure they are getting enough ventilation from their bi-fold doors.

With a fast installation time, they were able to get a watertight new room quickly and effectively, making sure they have more time to enjoy it.

(The Final result) 

Ultraframe provides homeowners across the Devon and Cornwall with a wide array of stunning conservatory options that they will be proud to show off in their home.
The collection includes the lean-to conservatory, which can be customised and personalised to suit the needs of your home and design specifications.

Otherwise known as the Mediterranean conservatory, the lean-to conservatory is perfect for ensuring you are getting as much natural light inside your home as possible.
This is the simplest form of conservatory, providing homeowners with sleek, clean lines that can be used to create any kind of atmosphere imaginable. This style of conservatory is perfect for homes with low eaves, including double storey properties and bungalows.

Many homeowners love the aesthetics and security of both a tiled and glazed roof, however, struggle to choose between the two. The Ultraroof is an industry first, with the option of having a fully tiled roof, as well as some glazed panels. Installed without any delays, this homeowner’s Ultraroof Lean-To Conservatory was installed on time and on budget. The Ultraroof is a lightweight system that is perfect for ensuring your safety and security is met, with the added benefit of thermal efficiency.