Realistic as a company is a direct reflection of who I am as a person and it’s my mission to try and help you get to the information that will make your purchasing process less traumatic.

When it comes to purchasing a product or service affordability is key, and how do you know what you can afford until you start to look at prices. We don’t want to come out to your house and design a room that you cannot afford, there is nothing worse for you, nor us, you can feel let down or even embarrassed and honestly it can leave us feeling annoyed and have had our time wasted, either way it’s not a great experience for either one of us.

It is better for both of us if you are given a genuine idea of the cost of products which leads us to be able to communicate and work openly together.

We are never going to be the cheapest quotation, in fact we are often the highest, and that is because we provide expensive quality products installed by a team of highly efficient engineers.

As a company we have taken the decision to not provide financial packages, there is no 0% finance or buy now pay later, I reiterate affordability is key and if you feel that an alternative company in the same profession as ourselves can offer you a genuine better rate than an established financial institute, then that’s your call.

I am available to you for phone calls, emails, showroom visits and site meetings to discuss your project further.

Ryan Barrett