How ironic is it, that the home improvements industry has a genuine lack of transparency, especially when it comes to providing upfront costs? Companies have for far too long been afraid to provide price lists or guides, but why when they have no qualms in sending a commission only salesperson around to your house?

It’s 2018, we live in a new modern world, and I for one want to change the industry standard by being one of the first firms to step forward and provide a price guide. It’s never going to be 100% accurate because each job is different but it’s a start, and so far, we are having very positive feedback from everyone who has received it.

I cannot think of another purchase that doesn’t have clear pricing policies and due to our lack of industry standards most customers are left in the dark, both confused and scared to make decisions as to not knowing whether they are getting a good or bad deal.

Over the next 12 months, we commit to improving our Buyers Guide to glazed extensions by adding more information on our products, services and backing that up with a Guide Price List detailing individual cost items, including building works, electrics and much more.

We want you to know that the price you see, will be the price you pay, what is covered and what is not covered. We want to make the industry a safer purchase area for all customers, not just ours, it's our mission to gain clear pricing policy nationwide.

Could you imagine going to purchase a car from a dealer who had 1000’s of cars but didn’t have any prices on the windshield? Take this further, there is no Autotrader, you cannot go online and input a make, model and year to get a price, also there is no Parkers car price guide, so how do you know what to pay? This is the dilemma that 100,000’s of people looking to have extensions built in the UK face every year, and we want it to stop.

It makes me wonder how the industry has got away with it for so long? Yes, it’s fair to say to someone that we cannot give you an accurate price on products and services without a site visit, but there has never been any reason why companies couldn’t give out price guides to you.

It could be argued that you may not be able to understand what is involved in building an extension, or you might not want to see a price list, but I think both are rather weak defences to providing clarity.

It could be argued that people will only compare price lists and not take into the quality of workmanship, but a very small percentage of people will base their final decision on price only and if they do you are not wasting your time with them anyway.

I would like to hear feedback from you, or if you’d like to be sent a Buyer's Guide please email