We are a small company, who think big.  This can sometimes make us appear bigger than we are.

Running a small business with good people means that we all must wear several different hats and juggle multiple balls; it’s not perfect, but it is the only way a small business can function.

The multiple hats means where we can we undertake different roles: we are passing on phone calls, dealing with installations, remedials, callbacks, new enquiries, sales, accounts, administration, ordering, surveying, the list goes on - not all of us can do all of the roles, so we have to share them out.

Multiple hats juggling multiple balls!

The multiple balls mean that we are undertaking more than one projects at a time. We have internal and external building work, the installation of a list of products, we are installing in 4 different counties and we are doing this all on a tight budget.

Everyone is working to provide the very best service that we can to our clients, the very best, and I know that the team that we have in place genuinely care about getting it right. They don’t like to let people down, that’s something I am very pleased with as they have integrity and great work ethics.  

We are a small company, providing the best products, installed correctly by professional workman, costed as competitively as we can. We have worked very hard to build a good reputation; it was no easy task to become an Ultraframe Approved Installer or an Independent Which? Trusted Trader.

It’s no coincidence that we have high customer satisfaction rates with over 90% of people who repeatedly recommend our products and services. We work harder for you than any other company in our business sector that I know of, and we will continue to doing so as long as we can.

When you chose to purchase from Realistic there is a good chance that you’ll have dealings with everyone within the organisation at some point. Bear in mind that although we are small, for what we lack for in size, we will make up for in spirit and pride.