Our customers often enquire as to how strong our range of conservatories are. Safety and security are a top priority, so we understand why this question comes up frequently. After all, your conservatory is an extension of your home, and as such, you want to be certain of its durability.

Regular maintenance of a conservatory and its roof are essential to ensure longevity of the product and its performance over time. There is some useful advice on the maintenance of your conservatory available here.

It may be tempting to think that when the time comes to maintain the roof, simply climbing on top of it would be the best way to remove any debris and clean it. Now, although your conservatory glazing bars are strong enough to take the weight of an average adult, it would be very dangerous to put your weight onto the main glazed panels. They do not boast the same load bearing strength as the bars and could shatter if put under force that they are not designed for. This behaviour could therefore put the structural integrity of your conservatory at risk, resulting in costly repairs.

The safest way to carry out maintenance on the roof of your conservatory is to use a ladder that has been specifically designed for that purpose. You can either purchase your own ladder, or hire one like this. Ensure you follow the operating instructions when undertaking maintenance using a roof access system such as this, as there are still risks involved in working at height.

You might also be thinking about the strength of a conservatory roof in relation to the weather. After all, the weather in the UK isn’t always that forgiving, such as during the flurry of winter storms that we’ve been experiencing in recent weeks. For example, if your property is regularly subjected to heavy snow and high wind, we understand why this might be a concern.

Every roof we provide is manufactured by the expert team at Ultraframe. The wind and snow loads of the specific postcode where the conservatory will be installed are calculated. The roof is therefore designed to hold up under the worst conditions it is ever likely to experience. We’re proud to be an accredited Ultraframe installer, and have partnered with them for many years. They are a leading figure in the manufacture of conservatory roof systems, and their products are regularly acknowledged as technologically advanced in comparison to their competitors.

As we mentioned earlier in this blog post, never put your full weight onto the roof of your conservatory without following safety guidelines, and using the appropriate equipment. Providing you follow the advice given when it comes to the maintenance of your conservatory, it should always perform as you expected, and for many years to come.

If you’re ready to take the next step, we’d be happy to visit you for a completely no-obligation consultation. Just contact us to arrange a convenient time and date.