Mr & Mrs Grech – Callington, Cornwall2018-09-19T10:30:20+00:00

Project Description

A new and completed glazed extension with the lightweight solid LivinROOF from Ultraframe. Internally insulated and plastered. Our customers chose this particular window design to provide them extra privacy as used as their office. Finished externally with the 2 tier cornice & white PVCu French door.

“Mr and Mrs Grech came to us with an all too familiar problem, they needed an office as they work from home. Their wish list was to have privacy from the neighbours, plenty of light, plus to be able to enjoy the garden view whilst they were working, and thankfully we were able to do this for them. 

We were able to design an all year round working office, with a full height wall for privacy, as well as storage, they have roof glazing which also adds light to the main house and full frames around the rest of the build. They get to go to work now from home and have their dining room back.  They are very happy with the final results and have given us a 4 out of 5 review.”