From the initial consultation, right through to managing your installation, we are pleased to offer a range of services as part of our commitment to deliver a high level of customer care at all times.

We recognise that undertaking home improvements can be a stressful time, which is why we try to minimise any uncertainty or confusion that you may have.

Explore the different services that Realistic can assist you with.

Free initial consultation

At Realistic, we know that your home is often your most prized possession and you want to be certain that you choosing the best products and right company to work with you.

We offer all potential clients a completely free, no-obligation consultation, usually at your home address. The consultation is thorough and includes a wide range of information, so you can make an informed decision.

We will also you product samples and brochures as well as talk you through the procedures and processes that we have in place to minimise the upheaval and stress of home improvements.

The main aim of the consultation is for us to assess your requirements, which will enable us to provide you with a design and ultimate schedule of works that best suits your needs. 

Organising a consultation is easy - give us a call and we can pop a date in the diary for you. Appointments can take anywhere between 1-2 hours depending on your requirements.


Design & Planning

As part of our service Realistic will create detailed designs of your home improvement project and as well as assist with any planning needs if relevant.

For our designs, we use a software package called U-Design which enables us to generate a CAD proposal for you. This way you can easily visualise your perfect conservatory before its built.

When it comes to planning, adding a conservatory to your house is considered to be a "permitted development" not needing an application for planning permission. Should you live in a Conservation Area, your permitted development rights are more restricted and individual Local Authorities can set their own policies.

This helpful link to the Planning Portal is specifically relevant to Conservatories and well explain more.

Not many of our customers want to undertake dealing with the council, and drawing up plans for planning approval as well, so should planning be required, we are on hand to deal with this on your behalf.



Building Regulations

Building Regulations are minimum national standards for design, construction and alterations to virtually every building and all building work. They are developed by the Government and approved by Parliament.

Building Regulations also contain a list of requirements that are designed to ensure minimum standards for health, safety, welfare, convenience, energy efficiency, sustainability and to prevent misuse, abuse or contamination of water supplies.

Building Regulations are regularly being updated, and need to be considered when extending. Most glazed extensions will actually be exempt from Building Regulations if certain ‘Exemption Criteria’ are met with regards to its design.

If you want to have your new room open plan to the rest of the house then you will also need to comply with building regulations but again we can help with our expertise in this area. You can find out more information about planning and new building regulations online at the Government’s planning portal.


Build Over Agreement

All sewer pipes are public sewers except where only one property is served by the existing pipe, which is known as a drain.

Drains are privately owned and maintained to the property boundary by you. Once it crosses the property boundary this pipe becomes the water board’s responsibility and is known as a public lateral drain.

The water authority needs to be able to make sure that your new building work isn’t going to cause damage to the sewer or restrict their ability to do remedial work. Their way of doing this is to ensure everyone building within 3m of a public sewer has their application submitted and approved by them prior to the work commencing.

The image below illustrates the point in more detail and again, this is something we will help you with if relevant to your build.

Build over examples


Building work

Base building work will vary from property to property and there is no set requirement when building a base for conservatories unless they come under building regulations. This is why it is crucially important for you to choose a reputable company; a company who are not looking to take the easy route and make short cuts when constructing your base.

Strong, properly constructed foundations may cost more initially, but they are going to save you all manner of future headaches. Glazed extensions (except those with solid roofs) are not usually subject to planning control, so you are going to be totally reliant on the ethics of the company undertaking your building work.

It’s an important point to raise that the majority of conservatory companies will manufacture the conservatory roof and frames before the base is built; they then make the unit fit on top of the base. This leads to shorter installation times and lower prices but not attention to detail.

We build your base first and then send back our surveyor to measure the base. This ensures that when your conservatory roof and frames are ordered, they match the exact base dimension.

Our illustration shows a typical conservatory structure and how it should be made:

Building a conservatory

A Roof Structure
All aluminium construct with authentic period styling provides superior strength and thermal efficiency in conjunction with PVCu internal finish. External powder-coated finish options are available in white, brown and light oak colour. Matching internal PVCu cladding available in white, brown and light oak, rosewood and timber finishes

B Roof glazing
Full range of options available polycarbonate or solid or double-glazed sealed units.

C Glazed side frames
Comprising doubled-glazed sealed units for thermal efficiency with wither fixed or opening windows. Decorative glass designs for opening windows and fanlights; option of full-length side frames - if preferred.

D Dwarf wall option
Double skinned external face brick construction with the option  of cavity insulation

E External cills
Mounted on external wall to support glazed side frames.

F Damp proof course
Recommend good building practice to conform to building regulations where applicable.

G Trench fill
Optional for wall base.

H Floor insulation
Optional 50mm polystyrene sheets. Recommend good building practice to conform to building regulations where applicable.

I Damp proof membrane
Recommend good building practice to conform to building regulations where applicable.

J Cresting & finial
Polyester powder coated cast aluminium period Victorian or Edwardian designs. Available in white, brown or black.

K Ventilation
Full range of options available.

L Guttering
Attractive clip-on system with down-pipe. Available in white, brown or black.

M French doors, patio doors or single doors
With high-security options, double glazed sealed units fitted with safety glass.

N Internal cill
Traditional timber, tilted or alternative modern materials to bridge the cavity and provide a clean finish over the top of the internal wall.

O Concrete floor
50mm minimum float or screed finish for tiling or carpet.Recommend good building practice to conform to building regulations where applicable.

P Concrete blockwork
Below ground level. Optional above ground rendre finish.

Q Concrete footings
Excavated to a depth appropriate to your soil conditions. Recommend good building practice to conform to building regulations where applicable.

R Compacted hardcore
100mm minimum depth with sand building screed. Recommend good building practice to conform to building regulations where applicable.

Here is a list of the main building works we can undertake for you:

  • - Dig out foundations to reach suitable ground – typically between 450 mm – 600 mm this can vary on larger projects
  • - Moving or lintel over a private drain
  • - Pour in dug foundations with concrete
  • - Build cavity walling on top of the poured concrete, we like to build ours 300 mm wide with a 100 mm insulated cavity
  • - Brick work, block work, traditional stone, or natural stone
  • - All types of external render finishes, plus spa dash externals
  • - Internally plaster boarding and skimming
  • - Sealing off  privately owned man hole covers
  • - Create a  new gulley, soak-away or French drains
  • - Patio slabbing
  • - Create new openings include lintel insertion and making good
  • - Wall removal and making good
  • - Cavity wall insertions (detailed below)
  • - When this is base is built with dwarf, or full height walling we come back and survey

We work with Building Regulation Inspectors, to Build Over Agreements and Architects specification on a daily basis.

The builders may come back to site to insert cavity trays for porous exterior house walls which are typically brick, and natural stone. A cavity tray is an important addition in preventing your new extension from becoming damp.

The diagram shows the issues avoided by including this simple solution:


Guarantees & AfterCare

As a company, we pride ourselves on delivering a superior level of customer service, and even when your installation is complete, our job doesn’t stop there. Our ongoing aftercare service means that you are looked after for the lifetime of your products; we’re only ever a phone call away.

Your Completed Installation

Our friendly Ultra Installers are installing windows, doors and conservatories daily. They are clean, tidy and work with you to ensure your satisfaction. Our team will take you on a tour of your products when they have completed the installation to ensure you are happy and able to use your products correctly.

Feedback and Photos

We are always looking to improve our customer service and installation experience, which is why we look to obtain feedback from our customers. Whether it be an informal chat over a cup of tea, or asking you to leave a review with Which? Trusted Traders, we’ll listen to your point of view, and see how we can make positive changes within the company.

We also know that for prospective customers, purchasing home improvements can be a challenging decision. Marketing material can be informative but we don’t just rely on the brochures; we have an extensive portfolio of real installations, in real houses - take a look at our home improvement projects page.

Insurance Backed 10 Year Guarantee

We give a full 10-year guarantee which is insurance backed by the GGFi (Glass and Glazing Federation Insurance) who are part of FENSA. The Guarantee covers the products, installation and building works.

We know you’ll be very happy but should you encounter any problems or queries regarding your installation, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help. Call us on 01752 841008


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