Best Conservatory roof material 

The conservatory market has been evolving with our clients seeking out the best conservatory roof replacement or new build conservatory. Today there are products designed to cater to your best requirement mandate from tiled, aluminium, or glass roofs.

Over the last decade many have invested into their homes by transforming their old conservatories into modern and more energy efficient rooms.

This makes choosing the best conservatory roof material much simpler. Are you looking to upgrade your old conservatory roof or starting from the ground up, we have a range of conservatory roof types designed and engineered to create the space to your requirements.


What different types of roofs are there?

There are 4 main types of conservatory roofs:

Tiled or Glazed – What roof material is best for you?

Tiled roofs are different than full glazed roofs and the question you must ask yourself is what are you looking to use the room for?

If you are looking to use the room all year round, then the tile roof will be the best option for you as a solid roof is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. With a vaulted plastered ceiling this type of new room will transform an old conservatory and make an attractive feature on a new build extension. Many clients choosing a tiled conservatory roof integrate glass panels into the roof to add more light into the room.

A fully glazed room has the advantage of allowing full light into the room, as well as enabling you to see the ever-changing skyline during the day or the moon and stars at night, this is an attraction to many people. Having a fully glazed roof gives you the feeling of being outdoors, the natural light and warmth, a conservatory with a glass roof makes an excellent room for hobbies, reading or just meeting up with the friends. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t point out though that glass roofs are not great for thermally efficiency and to use the room all year round you will need to continually heat it.

We have a range of replacement roof systems that are designed to transform your old conservatory. You might be looking for a thermally efficient glass roof, a combination of solid and glass panels or a lightweight tiled roof.

 – Tiled Conservatory Roof

Ultraroof is a lightweight tiled roof system designed to transform your conservatory into a room you can use all year round, that is consistently maintains the same temperature as the rest of your home. As mentioned previously, if you want to create an extension-like living space, a tiled roof replacement is likely going to be the best conservatory roof material.

You have the option to add plenty of natural light in your new living space by adding full length glazing panels or you can even opt for Velux style windows.

Ultraroof is also available as a completely solid roof with no windows or glazing. 

– Hybrid Conservatory Roof

LivinRoof combines the best elements of either having a completely solid or full glazed glass replacement roof. Shaped glazing panels can be positioned anywhere in the roof allowing you to direct natural light where it's needed as well as enabling you to create some stunning bespoke designs that aren’t achievable with other solid roof systems.

LivinRoof is constructed from strong insulated aluminium panels making it the best conservatory roof material if you want a robust but stylish replacement conservatory roof. Internally, LivinRoof is also has stunning vaulted ceilings as well as incorporating an internal perimeter pelmet which allows downlights or even speakers to be installed.

Glass Roof  

The Ultraframe Glass Roof has evolved over 30 years with over 2 million installations. The performance glass used in your roof will help to keep your room a comfortable temperature all year round. Roof glass typically comprises of a 24mm sealed unit, with argon gas between the cavity and sealed with a warm edge spacer bar, there are many different types of external and internal glass combination available to maximise heat retention as well as protect you from solar gain. So, if you're looking to create a new space filled with natural light, glass could be the best conservatory roof material for you.



Is the best conservatory roof material the warmest?

The materials used in the construction of conservatory roofs are designed to increase thermal performance to provide comfort, reduce your carbon footprint as well as heating costs.

High-performance glazing is designed to provide maximum light whilst managing solar gain to keep your roof the perfect temperature year-round. Ask for more details on glass combinations.

Is the best conservatory roof material expensive?

The term ‘best’ is relative to your budget and design ambitions. Conservatory roofs are available in a variety of types and materials, if you're considering a glass, tiled or hybrid roof, speak with us and we will be able to provide all the information you need to decide on the best conservatory roof material.

Is the best conservatory material the strongest?

Whether you choose a Glass Roof, LivinRoof or Ultraroof, our specialist software uses NASA satellite data to ensure your conservatory roof will withstand the worst possible wind and snow loads in your exact postcode. Living in Devon and Cornwall means we are exposed to either type 3 or 4 severe weather conditions, so it’s more than important that we get it right for you.

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